Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red Light..

Thursday, August 27, 2009 20
For the first time since i started driving, today i crossed a red light lool.. and it wasn't a good feeling!!!
i crossed many yellow ones, but never a red!
i hope i dont get a fine!! i dont have 75 Rials to pay lool..

Oh let me tell you what i have been up to:
1. I finally took 2 weeks off from work and that is considered my summer break =D
2. For the first time ever, i am dieting in Ramadan.. i have my ups and downs but so far its good =)
3. Me and the football girls will be traveling to UAE for a tournament next week =D
4. Anony agreed to come and cheer for the team.. Anony your outfit is ready, just bring the girls and yourself =p
5. I dont know where to start with Eid shopping..
6. I am being pimped by my family left, right and center so that they wed me ASAP!! like i am that desperate..
7. Remember my friend who lost her contact lens while swimming, you know the totally na7s day in this post. Yeah, she finally got the special made contact after being legally blind for 5 weeks.. mabrook 3aleeki el 3adasa ya 7abibti.. finaly you can see 3idil mithil el nas lool...
8. I AM ON HOLIDAY!!! YAY!!! feeels so good!!!

and that is it..
so what are you guys up to?

P.s I said the word car in my previous post "14" times and twinzy aka Desertpalms got it right!! hmmm... fii shak! La my twin would never cheat!! RIGHT TWINZY????

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Story Hamda and Her Mini Cooper

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 20
"hi, my name is Hamda, and i am a mini-cooper-holic" with that my friend finally admitted to me her worst addiction and obsession ever..

Hamda is my Emirate Friend. I've known her since forever like 4 years now =p.. in the past 6 years that I've known her she always had a thing for "Mini Cooper"... she managed to change the car 10 times in the past 15 years that I’ve known her..

lool.. ok bas really how obsessed can you get with a car lidaraja that you will get the same car TWICE!!!

oh now i discover that MY DOCTOR is a "Mini Cooper" Freak as well!!
*rolling my eyes*
the world has come to an end!!!!

And, just coz i got SSSPPPAAAMMMMEEDDD with the "Mini Cooper" Pics, i decided to share and blind you with them too =D

Talk about an obsession!!!!

A free dog that come with the car!
Good Dog

Madri what the "S" is for but i bet its something "HIP"!!

The stupid logo of the "COOPER"

The Exhaust (i bet Hamda doesn't know what this is)

The car from behind!


LOL!! the thing for the petrol..

The profile of the car =p

Showing you the petrol thing again and how it fits in the car!

Donno what is this!! HAMDA EXPLAIN =p

i donno what is this but i bet she took this pic coz of the logo!!

Something something!

First Aid Kit!!

She thought this was something cool and funky in the car so she tool a pic of it!

Steering wheel! hmm kinda funky!! me like..

The dashboard..

The ceiling lights, which you can actually choose any colour you want!

Back Seats..

I couldn't figure out what is this, elmuhim part of the car!

Oh the sun roof!! =p

The front or back side of the car! donno which one!

The Front seats of the car!

Again with the Bloody "S"

Showing off!

More Showing off!!

Again! Showing OFF!!


Ok, like we care how the side mirror looks like!!

The Rims and Tire!

The Finale show off!!

The Guarding dog, AGAIN!



Now a question for those who did pay attention..
How many times did i say the word "CAR"?

Let see how you do..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Fair Is This??!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009 18
Sometimes I really don’t understand human behaviour.. Ya3ni what are you guys thinking when you are doing these actions? Really!! You want drama or you just want to see how far you can push someone or the amount of shock and damage that you can achieve to the poor person!!

I really don’t get people.. wallah I don’t get it…

Scenario One:
My cousin died last week in a car accident (allah yer7amo) around 2 am.. At 3:30 am I get a message from his sister that he died.. (If I was in her place I don’t think I will be able to send a message).. So I go to the 3azza and I see her and I try to cheer her up.. I wasn’t close to her brother, last I saw him maybe it was 2 years or so back.. Now I see her little sister, which is around 20-23 years old.. I am not sure.. el mohim, she looks so distance and in shock and i totally understands how she feels, she out of the country and when she came back for 2 days she didn’t see her brother and next thing you know he died! I feel so sorry and I really cant imagine what she is going through.. As if that is not enough.. Look at what people did to this poor girl..

She is working in an airline night shift.. Her brother was suppose to pick her up at 7am when she finishes her work.. She gets a call at 2 or 3 am telling her that they are coming to pick her up, her brother was involved in an accident and she needs to come home.. So they pick her up and all the way they told her NOTHING!! They didn’t address the issue that her brother died already.. So she enters the house and imagine what was the first thing that she sees!! YES KAFAN A’7OOHA!!! IMAGINE!! La o el bint ma mustaw3iba.. She was like “what is this? What is happening?” ya3ni you don’t see him and in the end when you come to see him you see him like that!!

Ya jama3a.. ya nas wallah tara ma zain!! This amount of shock mal faja2 is not good.. a lot of damage happens.. Zain before you take her in the house tell her badal she goes in and see this in front of her.. I don’t blame her if she couldn’t sleep or have nightmares!! Wallah 7aram….i can’t believe they actually did that to her!!!

Scenario Two:
My friends sister.. She is 37, not married.. About 3 weeks ago she started complaining that she has pains and she cant breath and stuff.. So they take her to the hospital and of course el 7okooma ma t8a9ar in distributing pain killers for each and every disease or pain you have.. mafi ‘3air panadol, olfen and take a rest and come back in a month if it is still there.. el mohim.. I donno what happened they went back and she was getting worse and now she is mnawoma in ICU if I am not mistaken.. They said they found a tumour and she needs to be hospitalised..

Zain, all this ma8ulna shay!! Ok.. So maskeena aish 6ala3 feeha.. She has cancer.. One of her ovary is gone and its already spread in her other ovary and kidney and it already reached her thighs.. al7een ana I heard this, I called my friend and told her lets go visit her.. So my friend calls her sister and tells her we will go today Inshallah at say 4pm to visit her.. ela she tells her.. “ok but don’t put perfume coz she has problems in breathing and don’t address her illness and tell her anything coz she doesn’t know what she has and what is happening” na3am ya’7ti??? She is old enough right? I mean she can understand and handle whatever god gives her right? Yan3i el ensan yekoon fi iman right? Laish ya3ni you dont tell her??? She suspects eno fi shay coz one of her brothers entered the room and as soon as he saw her he started crying so hard!!

Ya jama3a come on!!! El mara’9 7aq tara.. She deserves to know the truth.. She is old enough to understand.. This is HER life!! You can’t do that to her!!!!

Wallah qahar how people are acting!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Kitchen Adventures of Standy and Sis (1)

Friday, August 7, 2009 12
Today sis came over with her husband to have lunch over at the house.. After lunch we sat the 3 of us watching "twilight" and she got bored, SOOO bored that she said "i'd rather be baking than watching this".. Next thing you know, i was dragged to the kitchen under the purpose of "teaching" me how to make a date cake!!!

So let me take you through this kitchen adventure..

Today (if you guys dont already know) i will teach you, how to make Date Cake in less than 20 min =) (its more like a brownie date cake)

You need 1/2 cup of butter, 1 cup of dates and one can of condensed milk..

Melt the butter, then add the dates and the condensed milk and cook on mid/low..

Once all the ingredients mix together, it will look kinda like this pic..

Next you add 1 cup of flour, 2 tea spoons of baking soda and 1 tea spoon of vanilla..

Once you add the flour, you take the pot off the fire and mix till everything gets together..

Take the baking pan and brush it with butter then add flour kinda like the pic below..

Add the mixture in it, and bake it on a temperature of 170 degree for 30-35 min

This is the caramel sauce.. sorry no recipe for this =D

And here is the outcome and 3aleena bil 3afiya =p

I advice you guys to try this. and if you do please let me know =D
This recipe is usually enough for 4-6 people..
Enjoy and Bon Appetite..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Birthday Gifts Contest Winner is..

Sunday, August 2, 2009 18
And the winner is =D

Well its actually a tie between 3 people… all 3 got 11 points.. Now, as I should be fair I know I said some people wont be counted bas for the sake of the friendship and my neck, I announce you all as winners, and each one of you will get something from me.. NOW..

Announcing the winner in the alphabetic order.. The winners are:
ANONY (shaklish you did wish very hard on a star)

(you won coz you were in my room when you answered lol)

(mashallah mashallah, expert answers)

(I went by alphabetical order, kulkum nafs el shay ok)

The rest..
C got 5 points
No Identity zero points (you really should have answered.. I would have considered it =p)
Journal Entry got 4 points
Maitha * got 10 points (loved your list and i counted your wishes ;)
Missy got zero points (bas laptop ya 7a’9eeee)
3alyia got 4 points (Dec 7th.. Got it =p)
Ruby Woo got 4 points
Daddies Little Cutties got zero points (if bored you should have answered ya3ni =p)
Woody got 9 points (Better luck next time ^^)
Candy got 3 points
(a car?? Really A CAR???)

Ok, so what I really got for my birthday is:
1. Cash
2. Perfume
3. Ipod Touch
4. Movie Invite
5. Massage Voucher
6. Original Football
7. Basic Makeup
8. A book
9. Watch
10. Food Invite
11. Road Trip
12. Lots of Hugs
13. Nice and Funky Cards
14. Ring
15. Bracelet
16. Handbag
17. Shoulder bag
18. Cloth hippie style bag
19. Shower Gel
20. Shopping Voucher
21. a cookie (from my 1 year old cousins baby)
22. Spongebob
23. Twilight book series
24. Pjs

Note to the winners.. Please get back to me within half an hour from when i posted this.. after that I wont be accepting late claims =p
Will not accept claims after 4:30pm OMAN time..


FINE.. i will be nice! The winners.. please contact me.. Anony, email me your address in order to get your gift =)

bas 3ad you all better not expect something BIG and FANCY!!

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